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Problems syncing on Android devices

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Evernote will not sync on my HTC Flyer tablet, which is the primary device that I use Evernote on. It has not synced with the server since March of 2013. I also have Evernote installed on my Android phone, which appears to sync with no problems.


When I try to access Sync Settings, Account Settings (size limit, format and server), I get the following error message: "Connection failed. This application requires network access. Enable mobile network or Wi-Fi to download data. However, I am connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and can browse the web fine, and can even access my account on Evernote.com.


Please help! I need my notes to be backed up.

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I too have noticed that on my Motorola Xoom tablet EverNote beta version does not automatically sync anylonger. My Galaxy s3 syncs just fine.

I can manually start the sync process.


Is the Auto-Sync setting enabled for your Xoom tablet?

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Yes I have the auto sync set to 15 minutes and I have the tried both ways on and off to sync with wifi

It seems like the last beta version is the culprit. I pretty sure auto sync had been working fine.

I have 5.1 beta3

Hmmm -- I'm using the same beta version and it's syncing just fine. You could try sending a log to Evernote (Settings / Support / Send Log), as this is a beta version.

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I have the same thing happening. It started sometime in the last few betas.

When opening EN on either the phone or tablet, if the sync interval has expired, I get "Last sync failed" every time. Auto sync is set to on.

I've been riding it out because starting the sync manually always works. Guess I assume it will be fixed eventually.

Galaxy Nexus, EN 5.1 beta 3, Android 4.2.2

Nexus 7, EN 5.1 beta 3, Android 4.2.2



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