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(Archived) Feature request: pinch zooming!

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Hi Evernote People,


I'd love to see an implementation of a pinch zooming feature similar to that used in, say, Apple's Preview app. If I have a PDF or other file open, I can make the text or whatever larger on screen by "reverse pinching" and smaller by pinching. Works great! Can we see it in Evernote?



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Hi gazumped,


Well shucks, all at the same time... ;) But really I guess the Mac version first, then on the iPad... I've started storing PDFs of fiddle scores in Evernote and it's really helpful to be able to get the entire piece fitting in one window whether it be by pinching up or down.



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Actually it occurs to me there is a Work Around - save your score as a JPG or PDF in a note and you should be able to zoom in and out on it.


But I'm a Windows and Android user and occasionally we seem to get goodies first!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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