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(Archived) [Feature Request] Samsung Multi View Supprt

Mark Levison

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I'm about to buy a Samsung Note 8.0 and it has a killer feature that I don't think Evernote yet - supports: Multiview. The ability to support two apps open side by side. In this case I would like to be reading a web page or some other app and take notes at the same time. I know I can do this on real computer today, but there will times where I just have my tablet.


Please help.




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It doesn't look like Evernote (or too many other apps) support multi window view.  I have the same thing on my Galaxy S3 and whilst I can open another app over the top of Evernote in multi-window view,  I can't open an Evernote session on top of another app,  and I can't add Evernote to the -quite short- list of apps that will.

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