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(Archived) Update frequency, prioritization

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I'm a big fan of Evernote, just to put that up front.


But lately several things have become annoyances. First, I just got another notice of an update, only what seems like a week or two since the last one. The update fixes a bug whose description is unhelpfully vague.


I love that there is continuing effort to improve the software. But each time there's an update, in Windows, I have to exit the program, download the update, install it (Windows permissions), start it again, and then re-synch. This is not a trivial amount of time. I live in this program, so having to interrupt what I'm doing several times a month, for what seems like relatively little gain, is not making me happy.


Meanwhile, there are annoying little glitches in recent versions, such as my main filter (GTD-based "Work, Now") doesn't come up automatically anymore on launch. I have to click it multiple times to get it to work.


There seems to be a lot of emphasis at Evernote lately in adding functionality by acquiring apps (Penultimate, etc.). This is all fine, in the abstract, but I get the feeling management is distracted by all this web-speed growth. The strength of Evernote is the intuitive and powerful out-of-the-box functionality of the main application.


Let's not lose sight of that, I hope.


Thanks for listening.





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You can turn off the automatic updates in the Windows client (Tools / Options / General tab: uncheck Automatically check for updates), and update at your own convenience.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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