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"Hi guys, thanks for the feedback! As GM said, we did post awhile ago asking about any Horizontal List View fans and were expecting a backlash when we made the decision to remove Horizontal List View as a view option. 

If you guys haven't heard yet, this morning we released a major new feature (#1 user request) of Reminders (http://blog.evernote...-ios-and-web-2/) and in doing so, had to make a difficult UI/design choice of taking Horizontal List View out in designing the appearance and function of Reminders.

We had many users requesting a Vertical List View and it fit in well with our overall new Reminders UI.

Would you guys have preferred to keep Horizontal List View over Reminders or vice versa? If so, why or why not?" 


The loss of real estate for those of us using Evernote for *gasp* NOTES (and not reminders and other bells and whistles) is huge. I've only been stuck in this mess for a day since I upgraded and I'm already considering dropping Evernote if horizontal view doesn't come back. It's a deal breaker for me: I can't write an entire sentence in a single line anymore and God forbid I need to see Date Created AND  Date Modified at the same time. 


I second the opinion that Reminders, while I'm sure it was much requested, should in no way interfere with Evernote's core product offering of note taking. That's Business 101 or Pete's sake. Use one of the 1000 other programs out there for your reminders!


I also second the comment that making major UI decisions based on a poll posted on a user forum (where most users only go when they have a problem), strikes me as naive. As someone who has worked on major e-comm sites for more than a dozen years, this is not how you make significant UI changes. And, btw, it's not an "upgrade" if you swap in one completely unrelated feature for a long-used and functioning core one. 


Seriously annoyed...

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We try our best to accomodate all of our users and their needs, and we do read and listen to user feedback that is posted on the forums  :) 


What exactly about Horizontal List View do you find the most useful that can't be fulfilled in Vertical List View? I am curious to hear people's workflows, aside from johnmarshall4 of using created date, updated date, title, notebook and tags.



1. Count me in with all the people who were surprised that we have to read the Evernote blog to prevent you from doing something detrimental to how we use it. Reminders? I use my calendar for reminders.


2. I wish I had time to read all the comments in this thread. Many are interesting, but I really gotta keep working.


3. Here's my workflow negatively impacted by the UI change (I'm a web app developer):

  • I title my notes with project names (e.g. WP-77 - WP-77 - Add School Tab to Listing Detail)
  • Frequently, I have several notes for different aspects of the same project. I dislike having to scroll through a MASSIVELY long note to find a piece of code I entered as an example. (Often there's nothing unique enough about something I'm looking for, and search won't help me.)
  • I append project names with content of the note.
    • WP-77 - Add School Tab to Listing Detail     Main
    • WP-77 - Add School Tab to Listing Detail     Great Schools info
    • WP-77 - Add School Tab to Listing Detail     Code for mockups
    • etc.
  • I almost NEVER full-screen the window of ANY program. Work isn't that simple for me. I currently have 28 programs open. I often have windows of two or three programs visible at the same time.
  • In the Vertical List View, with the window size I prefer to use, my titles are useless. All I see are truncated titles, like these:
    • April 24, 2013 3:01 PM  WP-77 - Add School Tab t...
    • April 18, 2013 4:20 PM  WP-77 - Add School Tab t...
    • May 17, 2013 9:35 PM  WP-77 - Add School Tab t...
    • etc.


Please let us have the horizontal view back.

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If you want to switch from the appstore version to the direct download one, it is not difficult (http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=135). Otherwise, you have to wait for Apple to finish the approval process. As far as I know (to expand on what Metrodon said) there has never been any distinction made between Free and Premium users -- we all get the same app at the same time.


I highly recommend the direct download version.  I'm a big fan of the App Store, but Evernote is one of those critical power apps for me.  I really need it to have more access to the Mac backend for things like Watched Folders.

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