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(Archived) Help with screen clips -- can I control where the clip goes?


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Is there a way to add a screen clip to the note I'm currently working on -- it creates a new note called "Screen Clip" every time, and I have to go and cut and paste to get it out of that note and into the note I'm editing, and then delete the "Screen Clip" note that I don't need.



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Hi janet4, welcome to the forum :)

Yes, there is a way to adjust where the image goes.

When you are taking a screenclip, you can either:

- Just click and drag - This gives a new note (as you know)

- Hold Shift while clipping - This sends the screenshot to the desktop with the filename ScreenClip.png

- Hold Control while clipping - This sends the screenshot to the clipboard - allowing you to paste it into other notes or somewhere else.

From your description, Control is the one that you want :)


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