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when I use web clipper, I get the following error "no internet connection" I have tried reinstalling several times firefox is up to date. I'd like to upgrade to premium, but not if i can't get this working. anyone has any ideas on what might be the issue?

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Hi Katerone,

We are looking for a fix for this issue in Firefox. If you have a few minutes you can help us out by:


1) Please open a new tab in Firefox 

2) Type in about:support in the address field and hit enter

3) Click "Copy raw data to clipboard", paste this information in a PM to 'jbignert' or add them to your support ticket. 


This has error logging data and Firefox profile data. As soon as we have a fix we will report back here.  

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On 5/21/2016 at 5:37 PM, TEaston said:

I just had this problem.  I was trying to paste from:


I'm attaching the Firefox troubleshooting file.

Thanks, Todd

Firefox Troubleshooting Information.docx

Can you tell me what steps you're taking when you see the error message? When you say paste from, were you copying from nytimes and into Evernote application? At what point to you receive the error message?

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