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(Archived) Relative file path for use on multiple Windows machines

Dave Benton

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I work from several computers. Most are Windows 7. I find linking to files in Box.com or Dropbox within Evernote very useful. The problem is the folder location is different on each machine, e.g. C:\My Box Files, G:\My Box Files, etc.


Does anyone know of a way to make a releative path to the files? Rather then include the drive letter it'd like to pint to ./My Box Files/ and each machine knows where Box is located so the file:/// link works across machines. This is probably more an OS question but given my use is specific to Evernote I'm hoping someone has found a solution.


Thanks for any suggestions...

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Hi - welcome to the forums.

I find linking to files in Box.com or Dropbox within Evernote very useful

? How exactly do you link to these files?  A direct link from a note to the file?  You have the possibility to set up a symbolic link in W7,  but I don't see how you could reconcile lots of different locations.  Have a look at http://dotmonster.co/backup-and-sync-folders-with-dropbox-and-symbolic-links/ for a backup solution to dropbox linking one local hard drive folder with a "cloud" location...

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The SUBST command is ideal for this case. It allows you create a virtual drive that points to a folder path.


On a command prompt, first off, type
subst /?
to get the help listed.


Then pick a drive letter that it currently unused on all machines. If you chose "T:" then you might enter
subst T: "C:\My Box Files"


This will create a T: drive that links to that folder.


To automate it, save that line in a file and call it "startup.bat" or somesuch,  and add a shortcut to it in the Windows Startup folder. In W7, on my machine that is
C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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