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(Archived) Don't want to have to log in

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Is there a way for me to turn off pass protection? It's a big drag to have to type on my mobile. I don't have secret stuff on it. If I can't turn it off I'll find another way to save my notes.

What client are you using? I think mobile PINs are optional & only available to premium users. But yes, if you log out of your account (free & premium), you need to provide a password to log back in. If you simply exit the app (rather than log out) you may not need to provide a password. But if you do & you find that too cumbersome, then you'll need to find another app.

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Thank you. I was in the habit of logging off Evernote after I updated my notes on my computer. Based on your comment I did not log off and, to my surprise, I could access my notes on my cell phone. Nice of you to take the time to help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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