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(Archived) Evernote and shared notebooks



I found the following problems using Evernote. Maybe my use is wrong, anyone there who can help me?




Two accounts 1 premium, 1 standard want to share notebooks.

Setting 4 notebooks in the premium account and shared to the standard account


1) After sharing and updating the names of the notebooks don't match.

2) When one want's to change the NAME of a shared notebook, and the rights are set to, it will only change the name of that shared notebook in one's own account, in this case the STANDARD account. 


2) Exporting notes from the STANDARD account to local computer is OK. 

PROBLEM: Importing that specific notes to a SHARED NOTEBOOK does;t work. The IMPORTED NOTES are placed in the STANDARD account


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Evernote isn't exactly an out-of-the-box collaboration tool.  There are limitations in what you can do in a shared account - partly because the owner wouldn't want someone else rearranging his/ her data to their own satisfaction without some control over the process.  Dropbox operates in a similar way - change a shared folder all you like;  the owner will never see a thing.  Best thing to do I suggest is work at this for a while and see if you can live with the restrictions.  If not, look around for something else..

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