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How to auto import files on the Mac into Evernote?



Hi Everyone - so, I'm looking archive all of my old posts on my site into my Evernote notebook. The purpose obviously is to have an archive I can readily search. I read through the posts in the Forum and came across SiteSucker.com. It's a useful app in that I now have an HTML version of ever post since 2009. The challenge now is how do I replicate this but only send the text and not the HTML file as an attachment?


I appreciate the tips, suggestions, etc. Thanks!

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Hi Daniel, you've probably found scores of possibilities by now. 


A few things I've tried that work well:


(1) Clip your posts with the Evernote web clipper (Article/ simplified article mode). Recently did this with my own posts. We clip all kinds of sites... why not clip our own? :-)


(2) Send your post to Pocket... then to Evernote. Sometimes I prefer the Pocket format for some reason.


(3) If you've subscribed to your own email updates the you can forward those emails to Evernote.


It is a great way to cross-reference your own material in Evernote when doing a Google search (having activated "Simultaneous Search" in the EN web clipper). Also, it may show up in "Related Notes" within your EN account/ show other related notes. Plus when you clip any new article from wherever else (without having fully read it), you may just see that one of your archived blog posts shows up in the resulting EN Web clipper "Clipped to..." panel in the "Related notes" block... indicating a strong correlation of like content. All in all, when we archive our own blog posts in EN, we get to make great connections with like material, besides also just simply finding what we're looking for, in one consolidated database. 

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