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Feature suggestion - Editable Business Library UI (much like a note)

Boaz Segev


We're new to EB and still adapting and learning to utilize the different possibilities.


I loved the way Evernote Stacks allowed me to structure my private information in a more accessible manner.


As an EB admin, I wish to present a more structured Business Library - Similar to the Stacks, but more flexible - to allow for easier access.


Much like a regular library, I'd love to group different notebooks in a structure that correlates with our work in the firm (such as Archives, Open Projects, etc'). Maybe even place that same notebook in a number of groups (such as Active Projects and Priority Projects).


The UI of the end user and their own way of organizing their subscribed notebooks is of less importance - I want our employees (who are struggling with the EB learning curve) to find the relevant notebooks in the Business Library with ease.


Obviously these are just examples and being a law firm, our needs are more diverse. Still, I believe the idea is clear.


I'd love to have a Business Library that I (as an admin) can edit and present like a beautifully designed note (in addition to, or on top of, the listing the whole of the library like it is listed today). This way, It would be possible to offer a wonderful UI to the employees (I would love that), complete with icons and links to the different notebooks.


This way, if an employee adds a Business Notebook to the Library, I (or maybe even they) could assign a group to the notebook and the Library's UI would be updated to reflect the new listings while preserving the presentation.


Just a thought:



I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.


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Boaz, I think your suggestions are good and if you look at the thread in this forum on nesting you'll see that many others are making similar requests.  I tested EN for business and was very excited about it until I saw that it completely lacked the ability to support nests or any useful structure, which is critical for business users.  I'm hoping that shortcoming will be addressed in the future.

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Hi Boaz,


A useful suggestion. I'm afraid I don't know how feasible the idea is, but we do know that Evernote personal do read the forums. 


Of course it is not as ZZZ suggests 'critical' for business users, but could be most helpful if implemented.


Best regards



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