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(Archived) Evernote Touch 2.0.0 Beta 3


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Hello Folks!


We have a Beta 3 that fixes the issues with the developer license being expired. We also have made some improvements to login and authentication. Please let us know if this fixes any issues for you.



We have instructions to install the beta and the link to download 2.0.0 Beta 3
If you have Windows 8 Pro, please use the file that ends in Win32.zip.  If you're using Windows RT on an ARM device, please use the file ending in ARM.zip.


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So far, so good. It installed without issue, it synced with only one crash (That it seemed to auto-recover from? Is that possible?). After words, the settings charm had all the options it was supposed to and I was able to turn off the Premium advertisement.

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I installed Beta 3 today for Windows RT.

Now the settings charm has the options it should have.


BUT I was not able to open any notes. Evernote always tries to open the note.

It takes about 1 minute or more and in the end nothing is displayed.

Even manual synchronization is not working ...


To sum up my experience:

Beta 2 worked better than Beta 3 is ...



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I am still having issues with crashing during syncing but I am making progress with sync->crash->sync....


Got it up to 1500 before I tried two factor and it messed up the sync so I had to remove/reinstall. And I keep the charms.

Back up to 19% - 736 notes going up to 4500


How do you want the logs submitted to with Beta 3?

Beta 3 is better than Beta 2 for me. 

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