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(Archived) Creating a new Notebook

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Hello all,

I'm fairly new to Notebook and I was asked to solve a problem. The problem is that one of our Employee is trying to create a new notebook locally and cann't do that. The error she is getting when try to create the notebook is: N connection, But her PC is connected to our server. What is causing this problem and what do you think the soloution would be? Is it something with the setting? Please help.





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@AndreasM: since you didn't bother to post a link to the topic that you referenced, I did it for you: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22971-bug-web-client-list-view-missing-tags/. I believe that you didn't understand what I said there, and moreover, what I actually did say there doesn't apply in the topic here.


To wit: my question to you ("Not sure what you're asking -- you want Evernote to post the code changes to the web client???") wasn't sarcastic. What you wrote ("I don't think it is right to leave it at that. EN should explain what happened and how they fixed it. Just in case it happens again, so users know what was the problem and may help support people resolve it.") was unclear to me, and I was asking you to clarify what you thought Evernote should do. All of this discussion was after the Julien C. pretty clearly described the problem that they saw ("several tags are missing in tag collumn, in web interface"), after I caused a ticket to be created for the problem, and after the issue was apparently solved (via a web client update). And after I described what might happen as a result of the support request, which is apparently what got your knickers in a twist. It's still unclear what you wanted, since you didn't bother to reply to my question.


The thrust of your comments there seemed to be concerning what Evernote should do in response to a problem that, to my mind, was 1) reasonably well described and 2) already fixed by the time you posted your comments. So another user reading that topic could check the specific symptoms as described and see for themselves that they were fixed (by opening or refreshing the web client), without knowing what Evernote actually did to fix them.


On the other hand, Geoff is not asking for the Evernote solution. He is specifically requesting something for the original poster to do, namely to return and describe the problems that they were having performing an Evernote function that actually (according to the OP) worked, and what they did to make it work. I.e., to specify more clearly what they tried and what finally worked, which could actually be useful to another user.


Apples continue to not be oranges.

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exactly right, I asked for the same thing (I mean the solution) to a problem in another post, where EN support solved an issue. But, the evangelists here responded, we don't need it (one of them even sarcastically asked do I need to know the programming code changes)?. No, I don't need the code changes, but would like for example to know, that to solve this particular problem, re-indexing of the database was needed.


Hi Andreas. In this case (this thread) only the OP knows the answer, because they apparently solved it on their own without support. In general, because this is a user forum, Evernote leaves it up to users to post stuff. I encourage everyone to do so, because it can help others like yourself in the future.

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forget it, just forget it. Despite my effort I am not able to understand your lengthy, word twisting post, and am giving up.

So it's OK for you to complain about other users, but you can't be bothered to actually reply to them when they try to engage you?

How do you know, what "Geoff is not asking (or asking) for...". This alone, speaks for itself.

It does speak for itself, if you actually followed the thread: the user was trying to create a notebook, didn't know how to do it at first, but figured it out on their own. More information from the OP (which Evernote client they were using, how they solved it) might be helpful to other users. That's what Geoff was asking for. I do that too, sometimes.
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