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(Archived) Newbie: taking notes with automatic hyperlinks

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Hello - Sorry if this is here somewhere else. 


I am new to Evernote. I have a bunch of stories I have webclipped online. I have them in my notes folder and I want to copy isolated sentences into another note and have it automatically hyperlinked to the original site. Not sure if I am explaining this correctly, but it is a way of automatically footnoting without having to manual add the link to each sentence. 


Also - how do you keep two notes up on your screen at the same time.


Thanks so much for your help...

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Automatic footnoting is not possible with Evernote.


You have to do two steps

1.) Copy and paste text to new note

2.) Copy and paste link from original note to new note (or hyperlink)


In Evernote Windows, you can open several notes on the screen at the same time.

In the Note List panel, Ctrl + Enter each note (or right click note and select Open Note)

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