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(Archived) All notes go into folder "not synchronised notes"


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Hi there,


I am trying to use Evernote first time. The following problem occurred. I created different notebooks (like a folder structure) and put links to websites into those notebooks. Everything was nicely displayed in the different notebooks. However, now all those notes are put together in a folder called "not synchronised notes" (translation from German). So I have 60 notes in that notebook. The notebook has a grey icon and if I open it, all notes are being displayed with "not synchronised notes" under the column "notebook". Please have a look at the picture.


What do I have to do that it puts the notes back into the original notebooks and that the notes stay in those notebooks?


I have googled the problem for ages. Can't find the answer..


Thank you very much for your help!




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Hi and welcome to the forums - try a new note and see whether it syncs with the server.  If not,  is something preventing your notes from syncing?  Can you view web pages/ send email etc?  Is this a netbook, tablet or phone version of W8?

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