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Exporting annotated PDF only



Hey all,


I am hoping for some help. I put together a bunch of webpage screenshots into a single PDF using Apple's preview and dragging thumbnails together to create a single PDF document. I then opened the single PDF in skitch and spent some time annotating the PDF - I thought this was going to be awesome, and it looked great in skitch. But when I was done annotating and I went to export, my PDF was chopped off on each page about 3/4's fo the way.


The pages and annotations look fine in skitch, but when I export them as PDF they are only partially there.


Any help would be appreciated,


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@Mikez - I'm loggin this issue with our QA Engineers, but a few questions:


When you say "export" are you using the File-Export command or the Drag Me tab at the bottom of the window?


What version of Skitch are you using?


If you are using the File->Export command can you try simply using the Drag Me tab and drag the PDF out to your desktop and see if the same problem exists?


Skitch should not be altering any existing PDF.

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