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(Archived) Font display across clients is inconsistent


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As a programmer, I store code snippets so it's easier to share them with colleagues. This works wonderfully but for one shortcoming: Fonts only show up in the Windows EN client. I use Courier New, which is pretty darn universal, and it's set to my default font in EN. All of my notes show using Ariel in any of my other clients, however. Yet, not even that is consistent. If I copy text from a webpage that is displayed using Courier New, it pastes into EN using that font and displays in all of my other clients also as Courier New. Obviously there's some mechanism there for recognizing fonts, but why not when I manually change the font from within the EN Windows Client?

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Matching typefaces across browsers and OSes is a time-honored pain.


I made a new note in Evernote for Windows, and formatted some of the text as Courier New, some of it in Arial, some in Tech, and some left as default (Corbel). The Courier New formatted text came out fine on the web client under Chrome and Firefox, as did the Arial, i.e., selecting the text showed Courier New and Arial); these are part of the the available typefaces showing in the note editor's font dropdown. Tech isn't, so while that displayed properly in the browser (because Tech is available on my system), it's not available in the font dropdown. I'm not sure why Courier New wouldn't work fine for your Windows/Web notes.


Android is a different story altogether. It's hard to tell which typefaces are being used, since there is no font selection mechanism in the Android client. Text formatted using Courier New did come up in the Android client as mono-spaced serif, for what it's worth.


Hard to tell what's going on when you copy text from a web page; there may be other font specifications attached to a particular piece of web text than are not apparent when you do the clip, unless you are able to look under the hood to see exactly what's going on the clipboard. I use a tool called "Clipboard Format Spy" to see what's on the clipboard after a clip; that might help you to see what's going on in your particular case.

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