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(Archived) Clipping screen shots on a MAC?



Hi does anyone know why I'm unable to clip screenshots anymore? I've been clipping on this MAC using Evernote for quite some time now but just recently it stopped working. 


*All the shortcuts are fine and I even changed up the shortcuts but still nothing. 


Is this happening to anyone else? 

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Hi SenorDodd, sorry to hear that!


Just to be clear, are you referring to the Evernote Helper to clip screenshots? The Evernote Helper is the elephant icon on the top of your menu bar of your Mac.


If yes, could you provide specific steps for me to reliably reproduce your error? Does this error often occur for you?


What Evernote Mac version and OSX version are you using? This will be helpful context for us to know as well.

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Makes me wonder if he is experiencing what I am - used to clip screen shots using the Macs built in command keys and then bounce into Skitch to paste them in and mark up really quick. Now Skitch opens to that dark gray background screen and you cannot paste into a blank note right off - without going and "creating blank"

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