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Using the Atlas/Places feature to plan a trip?

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I'll be doing quite a bit of traveling this summer, and I wanted to find a way to use the Atlas feature (on Mac) or the Places feature (on iPhone) to create a map of sights I'd like to see in particular cities. In theory, I could tap on each sight on my iPhone, and the Evernote note I've clipped about that place would pop up with contact info, hours, etc., so I wouldn't have to go hunting online to find it.


Here's the rub: there doesn't seem to be a way to view only location-dependent notes that are within a certain notebook or labeled with a certain tag. For example, when I open up the Atlas view on my Mac, all of my location-labeled notes pop up, but I can't find a way to exclude some of them from the map view; same for Places on my iPhone. It appears to be an all-or-nothing proposition. This is problematic, because I'll have other notes regarding travel times, hotel information, shopping lists, etc. associated with nearby locations, so a bunch of notes will pop up that are irrelevant to sight-seeing.


Can anyone who plans trips using Evernote offer some advice? Maybe I'm looking for a feature that doesn't exist, or maybe I'm just going about things in the wrong way.

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kpf - I guess it might depend upon how you define, "location-dependent" Notes. But, offhand, I don't what you might mean by that term. My sense is that there is no way for Evernote to know what you mean by "location-dependent" Notes.


Considering trying this as a test:

  • Create a Tag (like "LocDep").
  • Within your preferred Notebook, assign that Tag to a couple of the Notes.
  • Now, click on (or select) that Notebook.
  • Now, do a search on "LocDep".

My version of Evernote would find only those Notes in that Notebook that have that Tag.


I hope this meets your needs.

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kpf - I guess it might depend upon how you define, "location-dependent" Notes. But, offhand, I don't what you might mean by that term. My sense is that there is no way for Evernote to know what you mean by "location-dependent" Notes.


By "location-dependent," I just meant "notes that have a specific location assigned to them." For instance, if you open the Evernote app for OS X, select a note, and click on the "Note Info" button, under "Location," you will have entered an address or GPS coordinate for that note.


Now, of those location-dependent notes, is there a way to show only a certain subset of them under the Atlas view (Mac) or the Places view (iOS)?

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Test this to see if this gets you what you want.


In the search box, type in "latitude:37" (no quotes). This will find all Notes with a latitude value greater than or equal to 37. 37 is just an example. The general syntax would be "latitude:xxxxxxx" where xxxxxxx is any value you want. That will allow you to find subsets of Notes that have location values. 


I don't know what will happen to the Notes that you may have entered street addresses into the location field(s). You'll have to do some trial and error to figure out what work best for you.

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I hope my reply won't be too late for you.  It is summer now...wish you have enjoyed some trips in summer.  

You may try the new iOS APP- GoLater  which can transform your notes tagged with g:/address(no comma in between) to maps and navigate by Apple Maps or Google Maps. 

All the notes will be automatically arranged into the administration districts of a countries based on the address per note you input after you browse the notes on this APP.

Then you can select the notes from the maps by countries and administration districts into your trip, and then just review the trip list with rich content of notes(including pictures) when traveling.

You may have a look of the blog http://golater.tumblr.com/post/55575847336/the-ideas-behind-golater

I am in the team who make this APP.  We will appreciate to know whether it really fulfill your demand.   

Also, welcome to give us suggestion if you feel there should be some improvement.


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Did you ever resolve this?  I think that you and I are looking for the same thing!  We just want to use atlas in a way that makes sense! 


Unfortunately, DH, I never did. It also looks like Evernote isn't intending to create this feature anytime soon, given that they admitted Xing into the Accelerator this round--which basically accomplishes the thing I wanted, except only on iOS, and not within the native Evernote app.


Sad panda.

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I participate in an RV forum and the topic of trip planning frequently comes up. I don't recall a single comment that suggested Evernote. Of course the raw data in Evernote could help, but a dedicated trip planning program would make your job so much easier and accurate.


Here is some detailed information from a full-time RV fellow who does a lot of trip planner.


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I found this solution: in EN I search for all notes that are relevant for my trip and that have GPS Coordinates. I then export these notes into an ENEX file and use a script that a genius by the name of Tiggr has programmed (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31155-export-places-to-kml/) to extract the GPS data into a KML-File. That I can then import into Google Maps or whatever other application or App you may prefer. This may sound a little bit complicated but once everything is set up properly it works great. Nevertheless I am hoping that Evernote will add some more capabilities to their Atlas or just add the feature to display a selection of notes on a map.

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