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(Archived) How to Ctrl-G without typing the target string again annoyingly?

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For example, search "android" in my Evernote.

1. Press F6 get the focus to the search box, type "android" to find all the notes that have "android" in them.

2. open one of the found notes.

3. Now, to locate exactly the same string "android" in the note you have to ctrl-G and type it annoyingly *again* <=== problem.

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The problem here is that the note filter control (the one that you access via F6) is independent of the note text search control (the one that you access via Ctrl+G), and serves a different function entirely. The note filter control can contain text to search on, tags to search on, a notebook or stack to search in, date ranges and other attribute filters, or a mix of any of these, all in aid of filtering your note database to a set of notes. The note text search facility only can be used to search for text occurrences in a single note's content. So some of the things that you can use in the note filter cannot be used in the note text search.


OK, so assume that Evernote did filter out note filter search terms that can't be used in note text search, you still might wind up with nothing in the note text search control (perhaps you were only using tag filtering, rather than text filtering, so there were no text items available for searching on). Or you might wind up with a text search that doesn't match what you used in the note filter control. For example, a search for, say, android tablet in the note filter control would turn up notes that contain both "android" and "tablet" anywhere in the note, but a search for android tablet in the note text search control would be a different search, since it would only turn up occurrences of the exact string "android tablet" in the note's text. Also, a wildcard text filter, say andro* would find notes containing "android", but if you put andro* into the note text search control, it won't find "android".


So I'm not saying that this is impossible, but it seems fraught with cases that might be confusing to many users, which is always something that a UI designer would seek to avoid. The best thing that I can do is offer a simple workaround: when you do your F6 note filter operation, type Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C (Select All, Copy) before the Ctrl+G, then type Ctrl+V (Paste), and your text will be ready to go.

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