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(Archived) Feature request: annotation layer for each note

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I would love to see an annotation layer at the note level that could be easily toggled on or off. Say I have a note filled with images and text I've captured from various websites. I'd love to hit an annotation button to turn on an annotation layer and activate a palette of annotation tools (highlighter, drawing tools, color picker, callout shapes) to let me "doodle" my notes on top of the images non-destructively. Draw arrows or circle things I'm interested in. Highlight blocks of text. Scribble out parts I'm not interested in. These annotations would reside on their own layer of the note and could be hidden or revealed (or deleted entirely) at any time. Maybe add an icon to each note indicating that the note has an annotation layer containing markup.

This would be a very useful addition.

Anyone agree?

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Useful, Yes.

A bit too much for EverNote ?


A little birdie (ahem, a current Beta tester) told me EverNote Beta has the ability to annotate on images, or annotate images.

To me, this was the only "missing" feature for EverNote.

BTW, I am quite impressed with the .pdf functionality of EverNote 3. The Page Right / Page Left works quite well.

:( As well, it really works great with PDF Annotator !


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As the previous post mentioned, your idea has merit but is probably a bit too much for Evernote..

I arrived at this thread because I spend an awful lot of time going in and out of the colour palette option, to highlight the odd word or sentence.

As there is good space in that area it would save me a lot of clicks if one could chose to have a few colours permanently visable next to the colour selector, which one could then simply click on to colour selected text.

Not sure if this is the best place to make such a suggestion, but are there others who could be interested in that?


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