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(Archived) Evernote still crashes when moving notes


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Just crashed again. This started back in 4.6.3. It only happens when you open the note in a new window, then use the Notebook dropdown to move the notebook. It can be between 2 personal notebooks, 2 business notebooks, or 1 business, 1 personal, either direction. It wipes out the sync log on crash.


I sent a crash/error report, and the text in the body of my message is below so you can more easily find it.



EdH - just used the note dropdown to move a note from one notebook to another.


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[tap][tap][tap]is this thing on? [tap][tap][tap]


Just happened again, this time with EN O sent the crash report in with the below text:


edh - another crash, moving between two business notebooks with a note open and using the notebook selector in the note.
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Again, same crash.


Am I the only one experiencing this? Does anyone from Evernote read these "Fatal Error" reports?


Anyone besides me reading this thread? App stability should rank above new features IMHO, even above reminders, which I desparately want for Windows, but I'd rather have an app that didn't crash.


This was in the text note in the error message.


edh - moving notes with the note dropdown in Evernote - crashes. awesome.
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Oh yes. It happens to me all the time. It happens accross many machines.


It is a real bummer - spending time sorting notes only to end up with a chrash that corrupts the local database. I have submitted many crash reports to no avail. I am nopt sure what the issue is here. I'm on W7 Pro on all my machines. I thought that 5 would resolve it but the same issue happens here.

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