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(Archived) Using EN for job search

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Sorry if I am posting in the wrong subforum. I have a feature request or maybe one EN wizard can help me with a workaround:


I'm using EN for job searching. Whenever I find a job listing somewhere on the internet, I add it as a note to EN. Now I have a notebook with 50+ job listings and I want EN to easily show me which job listing's due date is the closest. With some I still have a few weeks to send my application, others I will need to hurry up to make it before the deadline.


I know that there is a discussion about adding the "due date" feature in EN (that discussion seems to have been going on since 2011).


Currently I am working around this by appending the note title with the due date (MM-DD job title). Now to make this perfect, it would be nice if I could create an automatic search that will always give me the notes with a certain date. Or between two dates. Like: "Show me all the notes that have the date 05-17 to 05-24 appended to their title. Instead I have to manually sort the list of notes by title and look through it myself everytime.


Is there a feature I am missing that might help me here?


Thank you

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You cannot reasonably change a note's Updated Date (since Evernote will change this when you edit a note), however, you can safely edit the a note's Created Date (and in particular, you can set it to a date in the future), so you could use that as an alternative to putting the job listing due date in the title. The benefit to this approach is that you can then use Evernote's date search functions to search on a date range, e.g.. created:20130517 -created:20130524


See the Knowledge Base article here for more information about using the created: search term in Evernote searches.

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