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(Archived) 'Auto-title' do not work on Samsung Galaxy S4


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Before I had a Samsung Galaxy S III and the 'Auto-title' did work - the calender is on a Microsoft exchange server.


Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and 'Auto-title' do not work - the function is of cause enabled in the settings and in the calender there isof cause an event at the time when I create a new note.

But no 'Auto-title' is added .... what is wrong?


The "Location for new Notes" is working when enabled and when disabled nothing is added automatically to the title even though 'Auto-title' is enabled.  

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Sounds like another example of why life is so interesting when you develop features for 50 different shades of Android.  I'd suggest you report it via a support ticket,  but you might have to wait for a future version to get this fixed...

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