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(Archived) Thumbnails & Title Sizes in Snippet View

Sandeep Prabhakaran


Just curious guys, how does one use evernote to manage image inspiration? When the thumbnail sizes are so small half of which is blocked by the title and it's background?


Is there anyway to hide the title and just leave the image there? Or increase the thumbnail size? Or get back the interface from the old evernote?


Really want to manage inspiration in evernote, but seems very difficult. Thanks a lot!

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Hi,  welcome to the forums.


? is "image inspiration" a software,  or are you being a little lyrical about sorting through notes?

I'm actually being a little lyrical, apologies for the confusion. I'm a web & graphic designer by profession, so part of my daily routine is to save lots of images that inspire me and viewing them on evernote used to be really good in the older versions, where the image took center-stage and the title was small, below it in the thumbnail view. Now, in the newest mac version, thumbnail view is replaced by a more ordinary snippet view, which is really making the experience difficult for me. So was just wondering if there's any work arounds that anyone here is aware of, or personally using. Thanks for taking the time to respond, appreciate it.

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I see the problem.  I can only come up with a work-around that requires extra work - would copying the key image into another note give you a better browsing experience?  All you need is a copy of the picture and a note link from there to another notebook which contains the full clip.  Browse through your 'thumbnails' notebook and link out through any pictures that look promising.


I agree that better thumbnail management is something the guys should be working on though...

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Hey Sandeep, where you able to find a solution to this? I'm looking for a good way to properly manage my image inspiration as well, and it's driving me crazy!!


Unfortunately no, nothing yet. I've actually been looking for a solution for a few weeks in the interwebs, before posting it here. Will update here if I do manage to find any solution — I personally think the only solution would be downgrading evernote to the old version which had the thumbnail view.

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Ohh... I just found this out which makes things a LOT better!





They also have made things cleaner by hiding the functons that you don’t need to see until you actually need to use them. For example, the search description is hidden until you click on it.


Also they cleverly hid the thumbnail size slider. It is invisible until you move your mouse down to the bottom of the thumbnail section.



Source: http://www.documentsnap.com/evernote-4-0-for-windows-cleans-things-up/

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