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(Archived) Notebook names and tags replaced with Numbers


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I recently updated Evernote to


After the update, my local copy on Windows 7 now shows notebook names and tag names as numbers instead of the original text.  Notes are also lost, showing Unnamed Note instead of the original name.


The web version still shows notebook names and tags


I have attempted a reinstall as well as using DebugMenu to rebuild the database.


My notebook names still show as numbers.  This seems to be an issue with the database.


Please advise steps to troubleshoot or resolve

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Hi - welcome to the forums,  sorry about the circumstances.


Couple of things you probably already thought of - 1) don't let your Evernote sync;  and 2) start a support ticket request now.  The guys work weekdays and PST so you may wait a little while for human contact,  but you should get a reference by email,  which please post here.


Meantime,  quite Evernote completely and have a look around the forums for backup instructions.  Backup and put your current Evernote database somewhere safe.  Then use Revo uninstaller to zap the current installation and reinstall from the ground up.  Recheck that your web database is OK and see whether you can re-sync and download it. 


If you still get corrupted files,  run an online virus check from one or more of these sites -


.. and do the whole thing over again.


Hope some of that helps..!

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Hi. I've seen this before. If I recall, it's no big deal, and just the notebook's internal identification code showing. Contact support and see what they say (they'll start you off with the steps gaz said).

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