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(Archived) Skitch 2.5.2 Doesn't remember or save images immediately on mac


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On my mac, I can snap a selection and save the image using the save command. I can do this three times, switch to the all notes view and the images aren't there. Syncing doesn't make them appear. Then minutes later after an auto sync or for some random reason, the images will appear in the all notes view. This is getting frustrating.

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@seaserpent can you go to Help->Activity Log and paste that into a reply to this thread. We'll be able to see what's going on.


Also you can manually trigger a sync by clicking on the area depicted below:


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I use the manual sync also. Doesn't seem to help. Another problem is that the Show Skitch item in the menu bar doesn't work very often. Usually it doesn't show Skitch at all. Nothing happens. If this isn't happening with others users, maybe this is all my Macs issue.



Skitch log.rtf

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@seaserpent - Thanks for sending over the log. We'll dig into this and see what we can find.


I'm also not sure what you mean by "Show Skitch"? Are you talking about in OS X's dock at the bottom of the screen?

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"Show Skitch" item in the menubar actually switches to the Skitch app. I just figured this out. What I assumed the command did was show a Skitch window . . . even if a window wasn't open . . . thus opening a new Skitch window. I usually close the Skitch window after after using it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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