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(Archived) Iphone: Pincode would be great!

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First of all; GREAT WORK GUYS! I was looking for days now for a good note solutions. I used to use roboform and recently moved to lastpass. Notes are bad in roboform and realy bad in lastpass so I decided to seperate passwords and notes.

What I miss on the Iphone is a bit more protection. I would like to enter a pincode or something like that (seperate from my evenote password). And a given time that the pincode remains active. That would be realy great.

The favorite option is great; although I though it was a normal function but what I read here it is kind of new. I create almost all new notes on my desktop. I would like to enter there if it is a favorite and should be stored local on the iphone. As far as I can tell now(1 day user) that is not possible ?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding favorites: yes, the only way to reliably set a favorite is to launch our application on the iPhone and then select the note there to Favorite. Apple does not let anyone run applications on the iPhone "in the background", which means that we can't perform any actions when our app is closed. This means that we wouldn't know about any changes you made on the PC.

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is there a way to organize or search FAorites on my itouch when offline? either by notebook or tags? i have note been able to figure it out.

What is the "within 1 mile? 5 miles? that appears on the screen? what is it for?


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There isn't currently an organizational UI for Favorites notes, although you will be able to manually re-order them in the next iPhone client release.

The "within 1 mile"... search criteria are used to find notes that were geo-tagged with a location near where you currently are located. For example, you could take some snapshot notes from your iPhone, which would be tagged with your GPS location. Then you could search for these by location.

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