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(Archived) Outlook forwarding of notes does not work

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I am trying to get my outlook 2013 notes to my Iphone but when I forward the notes from my windows computer in outlook I just get a winmail.dat file in evernote. Am I doing something wrong? I selected all the notes in the folder and forward them to my evernote account email but I just get the dat file which I am not sure how to even open. Please help.

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Hi Zipster and welcome to the forum,


I was not aware of 'Notes' in Oulook 2013, but have now created a couple and using the 'Add To Evernote 4' Icon within Outlook, successfully moved them as a single note or by moving two at the same time they create two new Notes.


I see that you forwarded them via email. Why don't you use the icon instead? Then once you sync they will be available on your iPhone.


Best regards



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