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Email uploads not going to the default notebook

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Jon, the syntax of your email subject line is important. Can you provide a more specific subject line -- the exact line of an sample note?


For example, Subject: Trip to Florida @travel #expense report


Would create a note titled Trip to Florida in my travel notebook, tagged with expense report.



You need to set a specific notebook each time you email something into Evernote; it won't go into your default notebook automatically.

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That was the exact subject line of a test I did. Some other example subject lines were:


Setup JON demo

Create product mapping


I know you can specify a notebook using @notebookname, but it is supposed to go to the default notebook if this isn't provided.

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My bad -- it should go into your default notebook automatically. You're right.


Are you positive your default notebook is correctly set to what you want it to be? Check by going into Evernote > Preferences > General.


If your default notebook is what you want it to be but it's still not sending it there correctly -- where are your notes ending up? Do you see a pattern (do they all end up in another stray notebook) or just at other random notebooks?

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Okay this is very odd. My default notebook is set as one called Pending.


If I send emails from my Mac using my GMail account in Apple Mail they end up in a notebook called Important Stuff

If I send emails from my Mac using my Red Hat account in Apple Mail they end up in a notebook called Completed


If I send emails from my iPhone using my Red Hat account they end up in the correct default notebook

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Hi. FWIW I'm experiencing the same thing. I have a notebook called "AP" set up as my default, but if I do not specify a notebook then emails end up in random notebooks.


If I do specify @AP then it seems to unfailingly put the emails into the AP notebook.



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Yup, that seems to have solved the issue. Thanks!


Just for my own future knowledge, what was the point of auto-filing? The idea is that Evernote would make smart guesses for me rather than always putting untagged emails into my default notebook?

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If Evernote is going to try to make smart guesses for me about which notebook to send emails to, then I'd like to know  more about how the algorithm works and how it makes decisions before I give it that power. Can you please post an explanation somewhere?


Also let us know if which notebook is the only thing it will be deciding on. Will it also assign tags or do anything else?

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Thank God.  I finally found and read this conversation.  This was driving me nuts.  In fact, the auto-filing, which I had never heard of before, is kind of dangerous. I often send things into my default notebook to be processed and filed or read or responded to later.  When these notes were randomly put into other notebooks, I forgot a few important things.

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Hey everyone,


I realize this post is in the Mac section however I am having the same issue on my PC.  Unchecking the auto file didn't work for me.  I only have 2 notebooks, Action Pending and Completed, unless i add @action pending to my subject line, it always goes to the completed notebook.




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Thank goodness for this post. 

It was driving me crazy. Please fix this issue - I am sure it is happening to many people. In my case it was going to the 'done' folder - the worst place to find unsettled matters...


We cannot always put @ and # in the subject line when bcc evernote sending emails to people.


I look forward to the explanation of the automatic sort feature. Turning off now!!!

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12 months later and it's still an issue. I discovered dozens (literally!) of unprocessed notes that were delivered to the wrong notebook without me noticing - who knows how many more I have to find. Sadly it's too late to act on some of them now.


Like others I didn't know about the auto-filing "feature" and because I almost never log in online, I never found the setting despite checking my Mac preferences many times. I hope Evernote fix this soon, it's a real pain and has certainly reduced my confidence in my "external brain".  :(

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I'm on the same page as the last couple of commenters. Can we please not have this 'feature' on by default, at least? I had no idea it existed (the only thing that seems to get talked about is the facility to send messages to specific notebooks by appending them to the subject line) and it was driving me crazy too. Poked around for a good 40 minutes before finding this thread, which is a big relief at least.

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If this is on by default, then that should be changed.


With so many features in Tools on the desktop versions, why hide this in online preferences? Why would anyone go there? They would think all the preferences are in Tools on the Desktop UI.


I'm sure some people would love auto tags, but not auto filing. I would, but I want to be able to find all emailed in notes in one place so I can sort them later.


1. Change the default preference setting if it now defaults to 'checked.'


2. Add the online preferences to the Tools section of the desktop version. At the very least, put a note in there with a link to the online preferences so people know there are other settings not showing up.


3. Split the feature into two features; auto tag? auto file?


Thank you for listening!


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Nice to see in 2020 this is still an issue.  Only found this problem as I was doing a full "clean house" in my evernote which I used to go paperless back in 2017 and set up many email to rules and scan to rules.  Couldn't understand why there was so much misfiled  stuff! Oh well another reason I am glad to be cleaning up in preparation to move.

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