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(Archived) QUES: How to utilize Evernote & LinkedIn Contacts Integration

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LinkedIn just rolled out an iOS app called LinkedIn Contacts. They also added functionality to the Contacts section of the web interface to correspond to the app.


This is the fruit of their acquisition of Connected (www.connectedhq.com). Connected had built into it Evernote Integration. If you had the contact's name in the note title it would list all notes associated with that contact in the contact's profile.


Most of the media reports tout LinkedIn as now having Evernote Integration, but I can find anything on how that actually works.


Does anyone have any insight or experience or links to articles on the topic?






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I'm a Linkedin subscriber (under my separate, secret identity) but just had a good look around my profile and can't find anything about this yet - maybe they only just soft-launched something and we'll have to wait a little while before all the details get published...

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