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(Archived) Temporary small team collaboration

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One week a year, I manage about 40 small sound systems for a national fine arts competition. Each year I have a team assigned to me to help setup, changeover, and teardown the systems. The competitions are held in large convention centers so the rooms are scattered out. I will have pdf of each room setup. When setting up, changing, or tearing down, I would like to send the pdf of the room that they are working in and have a live document that I update from my iPad to the teams. The live document would be what rooms are ready and at what times. I want the teams to be able to modify the list when they are finished with the task and I will see it with the update.


These teams will have different phones, maybe tablets and will only need this setup for the week. I would need the ability to blow the name list away to start again the next year.


Is this in any way possible with Evernote? If I had Premium, could the team have the free version for the week? If I have to use Business, Can I pay for the team for one month and none for the rest of the year?


Evernote looks interesting, but it needs to fit what I am doing before I download it and set it up.

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You don't mention how many folks you have engaged here,  and while it would be tempting to say "Sure,  Evernote will do this..",  you need to be mindful of the basic facts.

  1. Evernote is not real-time. If you are the hub,  you update a PDF and upload it. Some time later, a spoke downloads the PDF and changes things. Then they upload,  and you download,  and 20-40 minutes after that,  you're up to date.
  2. All this depends on good comms throughout.  If there's traffic problems,  you're.. not working.
  3. You can set this up with one Premium Evernote and as many free versions as you can download.  You need their email addresses to give them permission to edit notes.
  4. Personally,  I wouldn't do this for any time-sensitive operation and go 'big bang' on the first outing.
  5. Why not try it out with a couple of your teams this year and see how you get on?

Good Luck!!

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In which case I apologise for the doom and gloom - Evernote should be fine for a small group like that.  Mind you I'd still recommend a try-out with someone beforehand,  even if you have to co-opt friends and send them from room to room in their house. 


I view all tech like a parachute - I have every confidence that it should work,  but I won't jump without a backup!

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I agree with Gaz that for collaboration (which is not one of Evernote's strong points anyway) where time is of the essence, that I'd not use Evernote. In fact, I'd even say I'd rely upon the tech texting me (that a room is ready) & then I'd mark it off in the Evernote. IOW, you could email the PDFs & be the only one to modify the statuses of the rooms. Otherwise, you're going to be needing to constantly refresh your Evernote to get any status updates, since Evernote is not real time.

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