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(Archived) How do I annotate and sync to original notebook


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Hi there,


After annotating an existing note with Skitch, it is synchronized with Evernote in the "Skitch"notebook and not in the notebook it originally came from. Therefore, I end up with two versions of the same note, the original one, and the Skitch one with a different title and no tags.


Is there a way to annotate and save it to the original notebook?


Thank you,

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Couple of quick questions:

  • Are you creating the note in Skitch then moving it in Evernote?
  • Do you first complete the sync in Evernote after the move and then sync again in Skitch?
  • Did you "move" the note in Evernote or did you "Copy"?
    • If you copied instead of move, then yes you would end up with 2 copies. You would need to delete one of the copies to not end up with two.


I just tested the following scenario without any issues:

  • Moved an existing Skitch Note to a different Notebook using Evernote: I moved from my default "Skitch" Notebook to my default Evernote Notebook.
  • Synced Evernote
  • Synced Skitch
  • Edited the Skitch Note in Skitch (added an additional arrow)
  • Synced Skitch
  • Synced Evernote


Under that scenario the note is now in a different Notebook, but shows up in Skitch and reflects any changes in Skitch. This is how the Skitchis supposed to work. Skitch saves new notes to a specific Notebook, but it scans all of your Evernote Notebooks for Skitch notes and simply shows them no matter where they are. 

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Thank you Joe,


  • I've created the note in Evernote by scanning it via Scansnap and applying tags and a specific notebook with Hazel.

I would like to sometimes, annotate a given note after it has already been saved to a notebook.  How do I send it to Skitch from Evernote?



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Ok, I understand your workflow now. At this time you can't specifically select an image in Evernote Mac and say "Skitch this image" and be able to markup that image and save back to the same note. However here's a workflow which might work for you:



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  • 2 months later...

I know this post is a little old but....

Im using WIndows ( and iPad version but I dont thin can be applied to the iPad version ) and the problem is my PDFs are attachements to my note ( since I forwarded an email to Evernote ) so the right mouse click and "open with" isnt an option.

Any way around this???

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@Jesse D  - If you are trying to open a PDF for annotation with Skitch on Windows right now, that's not possible at this time. We're working on bringing PDF markup to Skitch Windows in the future.


You're trying to open an image for annotation on Windows, then you can select the image in Evernote and right click to send it to Skitch or simply drag and drop it onto Skitch for annotation. 


If you are on an iPad and the PDF attachment is embedded into the Evernote Note, you can chose to mark it up within Skitch. You'll need to be running the latest Skitch and Evernote.

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