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(Archived) problems/questions using "import folders"

Jordan Thompson

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Hi all,

I have created a folder (c:\temp\junk) on my hard drive

I have added this import folder to evernote (Tools - Import Folders...)

I specified this import folder to not delete the original file and put the note into "To Do" 

I added a file to this windows folder (testing.txt) and I expected it to appear magically in evernote, but it does not appear there.

I have tried syncing and even restarting evernote


What am I doing wrong?

How often does evernote check its import folders?


thanks for your help

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Hi Jordan and welcome to the forum,


This is an instant action on the same computer and does not require a sync until you want it to appear on another computer.


The only thing I can suggest it to double check you have selected the correct import folder in Evernote. 


Best regards



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Hi and welcome to the forums !


There are several possible reasons why this does not work as you want.

Have you used some special characters (period, comma, underscore, asterisk etc.) ? That would not work.


Please read this thread and you will get a better understanding of the import process and possible stumbling blocks.


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Thanks for pointing me to that thread. I had read it before, but missed where they said to initially set it up dot DELETE the files, then put it back to NOT delete the files.

It is working for local folders, but not for network folders.  I read the explanation of why evernote doesn't use network folders to store its repository, but I don't get why they don't allow network folders for importing.  


Does anyone know if there are plans for this?




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Hi Jordan,


Glad you got it sorted and thanks to Wern for pointing out the thread.


What has got me here though is that the solution was to set your import folder to delete the docs on your computer folder, then change to not delete. I cannot get my head around why this would fix the problem? 


I wonder what the Evernote technies think.





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After doing a little research, I understand why evernote does not support network folders:

when you add, delete, or rename a file on the local file system, you can register and receive instant notifications from the operating system (Windows and Unix).  This is not the case for network file systems.


I have written a java application that will do what I need (scan a network file system periodically and copy any new files to a local folder for evernote to ingest.) I have set it up so that evernote deletes the file from the local folder (I have the original in the network folder.)  On my computer (running in a virtual machine) I get a 2% increase in CPU activity every time it recursively searches the folders (configurable amount of time).  I feel this is acceptable.


I would be glad to share this, but I don't see how to add to "My Media" in this forum.  If you pm me, I will send it to you, or if someone can tell me how to add it here, I would be glad to do that as well.

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