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(Archived) Side panel for quick PDF navigation


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Hi everyone,


I suspect, many EN users reading their attached pdf files feel disappointed time after time, as it is not possible to jump from a one section of the document to an other.


Specially, when you have a document with hundreds of pages.

Or, if you just want to make a quick review through all document, it takes multiple clicks to access page number 214 etc.


Would be nice to have a side panel navigation inside pdf note page itself, for quick navigation through all document.

As well, very handy would be to have a key navigation feature, using arrows, for example, on the keyboard.


Easier and faster, then just trying to click on the small triangles at the top of the note window.


What do you think?

I know, I can open an external viewer to read my pdf file, but I like auto-adjustable feature of the EN window, it always keeps the width of a pdf file equal to the width of the EN window.

And for efficiency, I just would not need to open an external viewer.


Best regards, :)

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Hi - I think your suggestion is the thin end of a very long wedge;  it's a 'nice to have',  but then we also need highlighting,  and editing.. and pretty soon Evernote has a full-on PDF editor running on your system in competition with Adobe and many others - all of whom started first!  I prefer Evernote sleek and mean,  and I'm willing to use external apps if necessary,  to keep it that way...

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