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(Archived) Feature request: drag and drop multiple nested tags

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I'm specifically avoiding the touchy subject of hierarchical tags, tag inheritance and sub notebooks here, so please don't bring them up.

My request is this: I already organize my tags in a parent child relationship. I have need to be able to assign a whole branch of tags to a note at once. Today I do that by assigning each individually. Ignoring all the complexities of modify the tag behavior, all I want is something like a CTRL-click drag or maybe a right-click drag that would apply the target tag AND all it's parents to a note at once.

I notice that if I ctrl-drag today the balloon help says 'drop special', but then does the same thing as regular drag. It seems the code to detect ctrl drags is already at least partially implemented.

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I, too, want to assign multiple tags to a single note with a single step.

For example,

- a tag called 'Support'

- a nested tag called 'LiveScribe' (nested under 'Support')

- to apply both tags to a single note I have to type both tags separately into the tag facility of the note

- drag and drop a note onto a tag to tag the note with a single tag

- Currently, dragging and dropping a note onto a nested tag applies only that nested tag, not both the parent tag and nested tag

Rock on!


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