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(Archived) "No activity found to handle this action" opening word document


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After the error it launches Google Play, which errors out to "No results found for "application vnd.ms-word".


I've search the forums/google and have not found any fix for this? How can I tell it to use Polaris Office?

Evernote seems to be unable to open word documents embedded in a note on Android devices?


Samsung Note II


Android Version 4.1.2


Evernote 5.0.4


Sorry if I missed the fix could someone post a link to it?

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Evernote is unable to open word documents. There's no way (AFAIK) to pre-program into Evernote a call to another app to open the document, but Android should offer you the option to use another app to open the file at which point you choose Polaris (if it can open Office documents).  You might also be constrained by the size of the document and your available storage..  It might be easier to embed your Word document but also to copy and paste the content into a note.  You can change any details in the note and complete the corrections on a desktop later..

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