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Importing from a huge PDF with metadata



I exported about 2,500 livejournal entries into a single pdf using some program called LJ-Book before I closed my account, and I would like to import these entries individually into Evernote. Is there a way to do this without entering each one manually?


Each entry has it's own page and takes the format:


4.7.x title (2003-08-10 16:51) - private


Entry text here...


I'd like to keep the date and title of the original post. 


Thanks for your help!







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I am also interesting in finding out if there is a method to import individual LiveJournal entries to Evernote. I stopped using LiveJournal some years ago, but my posts are all still online and it would be great to archive them in Evernote, ideally with the original date stamp  preserved on the note.


Any suggestions?

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I am not familiar with LiveJournal, however, if you have individual files you wish to import into Evernote, Veritrope is a website that has Applescripts to help with automation in this area.


Browse through their site and determine which Applescript would best suit your needs.  I will look as well for a LiveJournal script.  If I find it, I will post it here.  Good luck.

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