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(Archived) Skitch vs. clip screenshot vs. webclipper

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I like Skitch - especially the way it displays the correct lay-out of the web page. The downside however is that it does not store the URL, something Evernote's webclipper does. The Evernote screenshot functionality is not longer required if one uses Skitch. Or I am missing something here?

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A screenshot looks exactly as you remember, but it's less functional than a web clip since you can't edit/copy/paste/link within an image.

If exact layout precision is more important than content flexibility, you may want to try printing from the browser using PDF directly into Evernote.

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Your post got me thinking about something I do (unfortunately) too often.

I clip a Firefox page directly into EN by pressing the Web Clipper button. Then I use the clipper (the general EN clipper) to drag out a screenshot. I press Ctrl-C to copy the screenshot to the clipboard.

Then.. in EN I select the note I just clipped. I press Ctrl A, Delete, Ctrl V to paste the screen shot in place of the garbled clipped text.

I then have the title, address, and screenshot exactly as I want it.

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to clip a browser screenshot and have the note title be the webpage title, with the url added to the correct field too?

This kind of web clip is very important to me. Especially on sites that use a lot of Flash or Javascript. When clipped into EN using the Firefox extension it results in unusable gibberish.

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