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[Feature Request] Uncheck all on Android app



I use Evernote checklists on a daily basis, for a series of recurring tasks. On the Evernote Windows client I can "Uncheck" all todo items to clear-down the checklist to use again. However, there is no equivalent feature in the Android app.


I've noticed this feature has been requested quite often but never implemented. It would seem to me to be a good candidate to add as a new feature?



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I agree this would be nice.


One work around would be to create new notes using the copy note feature in the Windows Desktop version and name them for each day of the week. If you do any kind of weekly review you could do this to start the next week. 

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Yes! Please!  My fishing checklist, for example.  It's annoying to have to manually uncheck each item on my checklist.  Even assuming I'm near my laptop, it's a pain to stop and switch platforms, uncheck all, sync, then resume what I was doing at zero dark thirty, sleep deprived while my fishing buddy is waiting out front.

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