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(Archived) "Your changes haven't been synced yet"

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I am getting this message on my PC even though I have synced all my notes. I did a sort of all notes by "sync" and everything is synced as far as I can see. The activity log is not showing anything amiss either. I had one note that I thought might be too large (contained several images) so I moved each image into a separate note and permanently deleted the original note. But maybe that wasn't it.


I clicked on "sync before exit" and then restarted EN. And even though I made no changes, when I tried to exit, I got the same message: "Your changes haven't been synced yet."


I ran into this once before when I had a shared tag across a local and a synced notebook, but it was resolved by rebuilding my database from the Web version. This time, I haven't done anything new, so I can't identify what is being flagged as unsynced.


Any ideas?



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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