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Numbered lists and new lines

Scruffy Dog


Hi guys,


Is it possible to create a numbered list where an entry in the list can take up more than one line? e.g.


  1. item one
    line 2 of item one
  2. item two
    line 2 of item 2

For other editor software I hold shift + Enter to do this and it's not a problem. But I can't seem to do this in Evernote. I am using the most recent Mac OS X version.





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Hi Scruffy Dog,


It is possible to create a numbered list where an entry can take up more than one line, but unfortunately the app does not support continuous numbering (1, 2, 3) once you do so -- it will cut off into (1, 1, 1) each time you break up the bullets to create multi-line entries.


However, thanks for the suggestion!

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Ctrl+Enter does what you are looking for. Line breaks and indents seem to become slightly temperamental when using this though. It doesn't seem to break anything, but it can make formatting lists a bit fiddly.

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