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(Archived) Silly me, I thought EN could post a pic to FB!

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I know, pretty stupid. It occured to me this morning that I should be able to post a picture I had just downloaded from the web into EN from EN directly into FG. Sure enough, there was a FB button I found and, with that pic/note selected, I clicked on it! How incredibly dumb of me. EN proceeded to open 101 instances of my FB login page (I was already logged in by the way) before I finally got my browser shut down to stop it.


You'd think by now I'd know better than to trust something like this to EN! It can barely, sometimes, keep my notes intact and formatted.

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I frequently share Evernote notes with photos on Facebook.
I just past the note URL (directions below) to Facebook.

Steps with the Windows client
1.) Right click note
2.) Select >Share > Copy note URL
3.) Paste into Facebook.

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