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Beta Testers sought new GTD/MYN Integrations with Evernote


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We are about 2 weeks from formal beta-testing of a new service to connect Evernote to your favorite task management app.  No longer the need to use inferior task apps that integrate with Evernote or inferior note-taking capabilities in your robust task app.  Maintain best of breed capabilities by seamlessly using both.


We can't share it all here, but if you'd like to help us make our offering as easy to use and productive as possible, please complete our simple Google form and we'll be in touch in a couple of weeks.




By the way MYN means Manage Your Now (see http://www.michaellinenberger.com/). I've been using it to get to inbox zero for two years.  Our new service will hopefully complete the last link in my workflow and that of many others.



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Unfortunately, I've found Toodledo the most robust of those that have start dates.  It's one thing to have start dates, it's another to be able to filter based on those start dates.  And, in TD, the Evernote note links are clickable too.  


It is 90s, but I will say it works for quickly seeing everything.  I set it up grouped by priority with my three top priorities for the day in "high", most things in medium and future tasks filtered from view.  The tabular format looks old, but there's lots of information on a single screen.


I'm watching a few other apps and have suggested things to the developers, but no luck yet.  Writing a blog post before the year is out to extol the virtues of MYN and hoping some developers get on the band wagon.  You can follow TaskClone or TroyChristmas on twitter to follow developments as I have to stay on top of most task apps as a part of TaskClone.  If anyone develops a cross platform solution, we'll be on it.

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