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(Archived) How to cancel recurring monthly subscription after 1 month?

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I am willing to try out the premium service, to see how the file synch feature works. But I want to pay $5 for that first month, and have the option to cancel thereafter if not happy. I did not see any mechanism to do that in either the Google checkout or Paypal menus.

I've read on this board that the $5 monthly fee automatically recurs, but have not seen what I would need to do stop that. I might either decide premium is not for me, or decide to buy a full year, which is cheaper.

Could you please explain the process for canceling the recurring monthly subscription?

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Once you subscribe, you can Cancel at any time to prevent us from billing you again. You will continue to have a Premium account for the rest of the month (or year) that you've already purchased. The link to Cancel your account is on the Settings page of the web service.

If you just wanted to try us for a month, you could purchase a monthly Premium subscription, wait until that becomes active, and then immediately Cancel your account. You will then get a month of Premium. At the end of that period, it will automatically revert to a Free account, at which point you can decide whether to upgrade again. (I think we send you a polite reminder at the end of the month ...)

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