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Using iOS and Evernote? Use ERA for your GTD, reminder, location alert purposes then!

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Apptreme Studio is happy to announce our latest venture into Evernote Integration! 

ERA: Evernote Reminder App!


Are you an Evernote user? I am sure you have encountered the following:
Keep your thoughts in Evernote to only find that you wont be able to get Evernote to auto retrieve it for you? 
Keep your notes in Evernote so that you can retrieve it for tomorrow, only to discover that you forget about it until the note is no longer useful
Input your notes about some location but only to remember about the note after you left the place?
While Evernote has a good and fast search engine inside it, it’s not really big on notification features - it does not pull your notes out and present it to you when you need it and where you want it. 

In fact, making To-Do’s and lists in Evernote is easy – but the hard part is getting them done. Often times, you need to open the app once or twice a day just to be reminded of things you need to do. With ERA, now you can!

Introducing ERA : Evernote Reminder App! ERA is the first of its kind all that allow you to set time-based reminder, location-based reminder or both!

With time-based Evernote reminders, ERA can inform you of a note of your choosing. It even allow you to create a recurring reminder so that you don't have to update them after the reminder is triggered, let ERA do the heavy lifting for you!

With location-based Evernote reminders, ERA can inform you of a note when you arrive, depart from your location of your choice. Example of good use for this is to have your shopping list pulled out when you reached the super mart or to retrieve your to-do list after you leave the office so that you can tick those task that you have done!

In built into ERA is the powerful search engine of Evernote, get your notes quickly using the search that you grow to love. 

ERA comes with a reminder list of all the Evernote reminders you have created.With this, ERA also doubles as a quick launcher for your evernote notes. The list is also separated the expired reminders from the active ones. This allows you to reschedule the expired Evernote reminders easily as they are filtered out.


So what are you waiting for? Get ERA today!


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Looks very useful, but sadly only for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


Bring it out for Android, Windows and Mac, then I can see this being a superb tool.


Best regards



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sorry I didn't make myself clear, rereading my sentence is a bit gibberish ;-)


The question in fact is "How do you create a reminder for a note"


I'm afraid that when I'm working on a note in Evernote and I want to set a reminder, I'll first have to open your app, then find the note and then set the reminder...

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As a user of the app, I am wondering if which do you prefer, using Evernote iOS client to view note for alert triggered or using ERA?

I preferred the Evernote client as it has a very comprehensive editing function

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An observation we had is that accuracy for location alert are abit more accurate when wifi is turn on. It doesn't matter if the wifi is connected to a router or not as Apple seems to have hook up a deal with some company to get location information based on wifi. 

In case anyone need it

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@tianlye The standard iOS Evernote editor would be my preference - when the timer pops or the location is approached.


BUT I don't see how you could use the Evernote editor when setting up the ERA trigger.

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Hi Martin and all ERA users: 

In the next release we will roll out the following: 

1) A new look and feel that look better that the current one

2) Create evernote note and alert directly from app

3) Allow user to change the alert title (default will be the note title) 


Last and the most important thing: 

ERA was featured in Lifehacker yesterday! 



For those who are not using the app, what are you waiting for?

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Hi Martin, 

Thank you for the praise! 

I am hoping we will get it next week. 

I noticed the Due Date support not too long ago. We will probably study how to use this in the version after the one in the demo (hopefully). 

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After playing with in the now in built-in.I cant help but find that there are some differences which I hope that might show why there is a need for ERA still. 

I love what the Evernote team did. 


As of now ERA have the following which Evernote does not have:

1) reoccurring/repeat opinion for date time 

2) location-based reminders alert

3) Fine grain control of reminder timing (in iOS) but the control really look nice. 


Regardless we will find some ways to  integrate Evernote reminders into ERA

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Just a heads up! 

The update is approved! 

Do update your ERA for those who bought it. 

For those that didnt, do give it a go as the new version is a vast improvement in term of user interface

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We are coming out with a new update soon. 


We figured that ERA users would like their ERA reminders to be added to Evernote and added a simple sync function. 

We also figure that we want to be your source for creating both ERA and Evernote note. Hence, any new reminder will exist on both!


There will be more updates. In the meantime, please do consider giving us feedback as we wish to make both ERA and Evernote reminders useful for the end users. 

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Did you know ERA is part of Evernote 2013 Devcup? This is a global competition and if we win, we'll get funding from Evernote and access to investors and mentors. This will in turn help us make ERA even better for you.

How to Vote

1. You’ll need to create an account on the voting site by clicking here
2. Once you click “Create Account” check your email for a verification message.
3. Now you can visit our voting page and you should see a “Favorite Hack” button right under our demo video.
4. Click it and know you have our sincerest appreciation and gratitude.

PS: Voting ends in few days so please don’t wait!

Thank you for your support!

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