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A friend at work used some Java code to allow his EN notes to be ranked based on tags.  So if a note has the name of his boss for example, it rises to the top of his to-do list. Does anyone have a similar function for us non-developer types?



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If they do,  no-one's boasted about it here AFAIK.  Sounds an interesting system - just to be clear;  your friend is using Evernote web I assume and supercharging his browser?

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Here is what he is doing:

Hi Leslie – Happy to share the way that I am doing this. I am not using the web version, but instead using the Evernote Cloud API (Application Programming Interface) for Java that is available to users. Basically, I have a custom written piece of Java software that runs hourly (or ad hoc) that connects from my PC out to the Evernote Cloud environment and uses the API to make the updates

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