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(Archived) Picture-Text Converter

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Sometimes, I take a picture of a business card or website or plaque and I upload the picture to EverNote. EverNote then "indexes" the words in the picture into searchable text. I'm wondering if EverNote could go one step further, and offer a feature that allows users to convert a picture into a text format. This way, I would not have to re-type the text on the business cards or websites.

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This is not just about indexing, but about going one step further - user scans a document into PDF image, create a note out of it, and Evernote would enhance this PDF on background by embedding OCR results into that PDF, so when user downloads it from Evernote he can copy text from this formerly image-only PDF.

This is one of the features that can attract SoHo and small business users - those who are much more likely to pay for the service then those who just uses it for web clips and bookmarks.

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