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Connect Evernotes to Tripit

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I learned yesterday that the travel manager/itinerary service Tripit (tripit.com) just release an API to access (read and write) user data in their service.

I immediately thought of how good it would be to be able to connect Evernotes to trips in Tripit. There are many opportunities. One would be to let Evernote add (specific) notes to trips in Tripit. Another is to automatically create notebooks and/or tags in Evernote, based on the trips defined in Tripit.

Tripit already today support notes in the itineraries, but I can see benefits both in the planning of trips to keep "planning notes" outside the itinerary, but referenced somehow. But, also during and after the trip, notes could be tagged or put in the right Notebook based on info in the Tripit itinerary.

What is your take on this? Does it sound like a good idea? Anything your would consider developing?


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That's a neat idea. I haven't looked at their API yet, but it sounds like what you describe could be possible using our APIs.

My guess is that we'll be a bit too busy in the short term to work on this ourselves, but the integration could be straightforward if someone else got around to it first.

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